We are proud to say we have maintained the same wonderful staff for the past nine years.  Individuals and their families can feel confident and secure seeing their familiar faces every day at the Retreat. We also offer services to individuals who may not be able to feed themselves independently or are tube fed, persons who may be incontinent, non-ambulatory (wheelchair bound), or medically fragile.  We also have a certified medication aid available to administer and assist with medications.  Our facilities are wheelchair accessible.

We have many clients that are visually impaired, hearing impaired, or who may not be able to verbally communicate.  No matter the disability, we are skilled and happy to care for them. We do not accept persons with severe behavioral issues at this time, due to the fact that we do have wheelchair bound and  medically-fragile persons who also attend The Retreat. We are a small facility and will never have more clients than we can safely and properly care for.